Your direction, correct

You once started your business from a personal mission. Business is going well and there is more work then you can handle.You’re at the point where you are considering to hire people or you already manage a team. This suddenly turns you from executor of your own dream into the manager of several dreams, about yours.

A whole different ball game

How do you now make sure everything runs smoothly without loosing sight of the goal, your relationships, your team and your personal pleasure in entrepreneurship.Maybe you already feel like you are constantly chasing the facts and your own time. Or you are struggling to get your team on board and motivated to reach your goal.

Then the VIP day is perfect for you!

After the intake and the assessment I will be at your location a full workday. Together we will take on specific topics for you and we will discuss:

  • your need, ambition and personal talent
  • the obstacles, pitfalls and doubts
  • your organisation and (potential) team
  • your desires for your service/product in the future

This way we optimise your personal and professional growth, within the balance you seek. We practise where relevant with practical tools and techniques and we discuss your personal boosters and energy drainers.

“On the VIP day my complete attention as coach and as trainer is focused on you and your organisation, for a full 8 hours.”

the VIP day

The Vip day program is divided into 2 individual, 4 hour sessions. Because of this set-up it is possible to  schedule the VIP day on 1 workday, or on 2 half-days.

To give you an idea of the design of a VIP day, you will find the general topics below.

Program 1st 4 hour session

  1. your talents and energy drainers
  2. your tasks and position(s)
  3. the path: your past, till today
  4. your future: where do you want to be?
  5. the present: where are you, now?

Program 2nd 4 our session

  1. the steps to take
  2. the (possible) team
  3. the planning
  4. the execution

with attention to

  • the structure of your organisation
  • the (internal) communication
  • the (possible) teambuilding
  • the balance between intermission and progress

“These topics serve as guidelines. In these 8 hours we will work specifically on your situation. This creates the tailor made experience of a VIP day. When you have a team, a specific team topic can also be addressed during the VIP day.”


“Linda helped me tremendously to find the right direction for me.(…) Talk to her and you know what I mean.” Ton

“Linda works on issues at the core and she pinpoints the bottlenecks by asking the right questions.” Janne

Practical information

  • 1 day, 8 hrs
  • 1 day: 09.00-17.30
  • 2 individual sessions: 09.30-12.30 or 13.00-17.00
  • at your location

Yes, I want a VIP day

This VIP day you can now book for €1250 for 1 day
or for €695 per 4 hour session

A worthwhile investment considering the profit you make when you are effectively active in your own company. And the personal gain you experience through that, in your private life. Add to that the optimal results you reach with a motivated, responsible team that is being utilised in the right manner. And that benefit, long term.

On this service the Terms and conditions of met Peper graag apply.

SONY DSCLinda is an experienced and certified trainer and coach of  entrepreneurial professionals  and educators. Through this she has supported many professionals in taking their own path and realizing their dreams. By providing personal insight and teaching them how to consciously and effectively communicate with their professional and personal relations. Linda is an entrepreneur since 2012. She lives with her Frenchman and their two kids.
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“with effective communication you swiftly reach the core of issues from respect and trust. “

Experiences with Linda

“Linda is versatile. She is patient, thorough and has a delicious sense of humour, with which she places things in perspective. And very special: she creates space for your dreams. The sessions with Linda were full of warmth and mutual trust, sometimes confronting, always educational.”


Independent coupeuse

“Due to her many sides she is able to approach business and people from various viewing points and with surprising results. Linda is straight forward, authentic and confronting.  She triggers reflection and provides food for thought. Linda has, with her personal qualities, supported the foundation and myself in many major steps. Thank you Linda!”


Directeur Join!forkids and

Yes, I want the VIP day


By investing in your own growth and communicational skills you can (once again) be effectively active in your own profession. While maintaining the balance you desire in your work and private life. Because you develop an eye for other people’s needs and talents, you are able to reach optimal results in your relationships. Inclusive your team and partners. As a result, there will be space to enjoy your success as an entrepreneur and room to grow into your direction. 

The strategic session

Having doubts? Looking for advice? Asking yourself if the VIP day is for you?
Just request a non-committal consultation in which we together discuss if the VIP day fits you and your organisation. Together we look at:

  • your start (your concept/service/product)
  • where are you at now?
  • what’s stopping/blocking you? (your aim for the possible VIP day)

Yes, I would love a non-committal consultation



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