Great, with difficult kids

Parenting = Love

Bucket loads of it. By the mere sight of your offspring. Whilst spending time together or when in contact.

Its’ an endless flow of heart-melting-moments. Ultimate joy and happiness.

Parenting = frustration

Which in seconds can flip and drown you in utter frustration, tiredness, anger and doubt.

When it comes to:

  • sleeping
  • eating
  • changing / dressing
  • leaving
  • listening: quit or start
  • playing together and sharing

With this mini-you.
Thus, the workshop ‘Great, with difficult kids’(0-8).
This workshop is also given for 7-12 yrs and puberty.
More info?

Because we can all do with some back up and extra tools.


  • every child is ‘unique’ and born without a personal manual
  • specific pre-schooling on ‘how to raise your own child’ does not exist
  • with your own child, it always gets ‘personal’

And because it is OK, to have doubts.

Parenting = doing what you think is best, for your child.

“Effective communication offers you clear insights in those beautiful and difficult moments.

It also provides you with a backpack full of tools and practical skills. Which you can use, when and wherever you and your child have a need for it”.
This combination provides space and freedom in your family and enables you to enjoy life together more. Even when it gets difficult.

Yes, will join you!


Together we will work on

  • why ’staying positive’ doesn’t work
  • what hidden possibilities ‘being difficult’ offers
  • how to get to the core of a ‘problem’
  • how you can effectively communicate your limits
  • The pro’s and con’s of punishment and reward
  • The difference between compromising and win-win situations

During the workshop you will receive your own excercisefolder, an introduction in Thomas Gordon communication and 10 practical steps to avoid a ‘crisis’.


Experience of parents

”So great to see it really works” Michelle
“I now have the tools to deal with those difficult situations”
“My view on educating children has changed immensely”


Practical information

This workshop will be given in cooperation with MiniChichi.
On Monday, 27 november 2017.
From 19.00-22.00 hr.
At the Spaarndammerstraat 43, Amsterdam.


Why come?

  • You will enjoy a fun, inspiring evening.
  • You will learn how to direct your communication to deal with difficult situations.
  • Daily, reoccuring ‘problemroutines’ such as ‘bedtime’ or ‘homework’, ‘leaving’ or ‘family outings’ will clearly become less stressfull.
    For everyone in the family.


After the workshop:

  • you know the role of your communication in your relation
  • you know where tantrums come from and how to effectively deal with them
  • you can raise possible resistance as a topic, before the situation arises
  • you know how to remain in contact with your child
  • you can make conscious choices in your reaction to your child


Bonus: joy, with difficult kids

The 27th of november you will also receive:
Personal coaching from Linda during the workshop (value €300)
Insightful 1-op-1 feedback from Lee-Anne, our training actress (value €165)

With, on top of that:
A 20 minutes 1-on-1 implementation meeting with Linda herself (value €45) 3 weeks after the workshop. During this phonecall you can ask her all your questions on specific situations.
Register via of via de Minichichi facebook pagina.

Yes, I am in!


Now only €32,50 pp en €52 per living-together couple!

Find out more about Linda as a trainer and check out other  experiences.