My background

My love for people and cultures goes back a long way. My father travelled the world as an entrepreneur, my parents spoke four languages at home. I loved every sound and every story.
At twenty-five, I was a hotel manager in Amsterdam. A 24-7 business with acute and bizarre situations, which I ran with an international team. A place to learn about cultures if ever there was one. This phase taught me that taking the decision is the most important step. You can learn from mistakes.
In between I travelled often, over longer periods of time. Tasting cultures by living and working in local communities. From artist to beekeeper from lobster-catcher to floor manager. A creative time, full of adventure and freedom.

My quest

Finishing my research for my Communication master in Australia, it was time to come home.Thanks to the guidance of the best coaches, I took on a new journey. This time, without boarding a plane.
I worked in marketing & communication became a learning & development recruiter, consultant, executive advisor and career coach. All leading up to the decision to become entrepreneur.
Still today I am grateful for the support and the investment I made, in ‘me’. Super helpful when I became a parent. Crucial in my quest as an entrepreneur. And I did not stop. Today I have invested over ten thousand of euros in my own development. As a professional, an entrepreneur, a parent and a human.
As a result I have bucket loads of experience through failures and success in all the areas of my (working) life. And the time had arrived to pass it on.

A peppered vision

Perspective and pleasure: two universal qualities that create space. That add spice to learning, like sincerity and humour do.
As children we naturally make use of these. As adults we tend to forget their value. Until you have a personal goal you aim for, that requires you to step up to the plate.

At ‘met Peper graag’ we support you to discover and create that space. For personal and professional needs and talents. Yours and those of others.
We teach you the skills to define and effectively share these. How together you can create and achieve goals and how to improve and strengthen your relations with others. Personal and professionally.

Taking these steps provides you with personal freedom, lasting energy and improved productivity. Which in its turn enables that change and desired result you seek. As an individual, as a team and as an organisation.
My strengths
• to offer insight
• to create breathing space
• to support self confidence and trust
• connect people
• bridge cultural and language differences
My educational base

  • Master in international communication sciences
  • Master practitioner Strengthscope
  • Certified rock and water (resilience) trainer
  • Certified effective communication trainer

Don’t hesitate to contact me, to find out what I can do for you and your company.