The 5 step method

Five steps which together will help you to realise your goal/dream. Steps which, each on its own, provide powerful and practical tools in professional and personal situations.

1. Self-awareness

“The basis for growth and change.”

In this phase you will work on the answers to questions such as: “what drives me? and “what do I value most?” Because when you are aware of who you are, what your personal qualities are and what pitfalls are there, change will naturally occur. Once you are personally anchored you are able to share more of yourself with your relations and still follow your own path.

2. Insight into the others

“Effectively connecting with others is key to moving forward.”

Being certain of who you are enables you to be open to others. In this phase you learn to separate the needs of the other from their emotions and feelings. Active listening, without judgment and with genuine attention, creates room for durable relations across culture, age and linguistic barriers. This in itself sets events and people in motion.

3. Effective communication

“I am responsible for who I am and for what I need”

Here you learn to address others using personal ownership. Because when you acknowledge your part in communication and relationships, attack or defence become unnecessary. Your message comes across, the way it was intended.

4. Taking action

“Working together on a win-win solution”

Through research it has become apparent that when everyone wins with a solution, all commitments involved are easily met. This step teaches you how to start and maintain your relationships on the base of trust, mutual respect and mutual solution-oriented creativity.

5. Making change structural

“Your brain learns in many different ways.”

Through dealing with difficult moments. Or by becoming aware of your own learning process in this. In this phase you will learn how to give these moments sufficient space and attention, for them to produce deeper insight and contribute to your progress.


The ‘met peper graag’ method is based on

  • Humanistic psychology: we all strive to fulfil our needs.
  • Positive psychology: energising strengths & qualities are key to a ‘happy’ life.
  • Psychophysical: body & mind are both essential to remain ‘close’ to oneself.

The method

The 5 steps method is based on 5 building foundations

  1. Authenticity
  2. Attention
  3. Ownership
  4. Motion
  5. Perspective

Every step, together with its foundation brings you closer to your talents and your ultimate goal.