September 13, 2016

My contract and stable working life finished just after my pregnancy leave. I decided to use this time to rethink what I really wanted to do and also what my professional life taught me. Linda’s help and support as a friend to re-define my priorities, strong points and also to reboot my self-esteem at times, was very welcome. Quite quickly I went to see a career advisor on her advice (we decided not to mix too much our friendship). It was one of the best advices I got at that strange time of my life. After this step I decided to start as a Freelancer. My hunt for projects started! My work research became more efficient, more focused. Linda has been a really good help in checking my CV and letter (in whatever the language, Dutch or English). Not only that, she is an excellent writer (I call that her magic trick) she is a true career advisor and has experience in HR. This makes her remarks and comments always extremely relevant. Which helps not only your application but also yourself! Sometimes you are lost in your job hunting and you need someone on your side to help you see it through. Linda is someone that can support you, ask you the right questions for some self-reflection moments and thanks to her sense of humour you are never down after talking to her, even when this is not the best period of your life!