Relationship Booster: parents with passion

When children are involved it is very easy to lose touch. With yourself and with your partner. There is less time for each other and always something to do. When you do talk to each other, the tasks and child matters easily take up the conversation. You both experience a chronic lack of time to yourself and also socialising has become a challenge. Because you are tired. You lack back-up. Or because you have just grown into that mode.


  • you don’t feel there is time to just ‘enjoy the moment’;
  • you don’t get the time to yourself, to find out who YOU are;
  • you don’t feel the space to raise the kids to your standards;
  • you don’t seem to be able to surpass the ‘mom and dad’ conversations;
  •  your partner starts to feel more like a roommate;
  • you feel like your partner does not see or value what you do for the family
  • you both experience a lack of interest in the other one’s mindset

Give your relationship that much needed Boost!

Step OUT of that vicieus cirkel and start working on the core of your unrest and frustration. Together and individually. Step (back) INTO your relationship. Learn how to keep your own cup filled with energy. So you can (once again) enjoy each other and your family. And vice versa. “That sense of satisfaction, I wish to everyone”.

This program is NOT relationship therapy. It’s a preventive, life-time investment in yourself and each other, as partners. The implementation of this program is practical, respectful and realistic. Taken from an effective communication point of view, developed with attention for personal needs and the power of humor.

In this 4 months program you will learn

  • about your own needs
  • and the needs of your partner
  • wat gives each of you energy and what drains it
  • which focus points are at play in your relationship
  • what you find important, personally and as a couple
  • what you find important as parents and what expectations you have in this
  • how you can come to agreements that are acceptable to both of you
  • how you make time for each other, without loosing time to yourself
  • how you can switch between the parent and partner roles
  • how you can maintain and express interest in each other
  • how you clearly and respectfully express your needs to each other
  • how you communicate clearly when in conflict, without causing damage
  • how you effectively communicate boundaries to each other


Because of the I-messages and the ‘is it my problem’, I experience there is more room for me and I am able to show more of myself through the I- messages. Projectmanager, married, mother of 2


  • Time: 4 months
  • With live coaching, training and  E-learning
  • 1-op-2 coaching (as a couple): 4 hrs
  • Individual 1-op-1 coaching: 2 x 3 hrs
  • incl. 2 x 1 ticket to a Master class ‘effective communication’ of choice: 24 hrs
  • Location: Amsterdam or Hoofddorp

My guarantee

When you enter the program, you are 100% open to learn, to be present, to listen and concentrate, to participate in the exercises and to take steps. If you find the program does not live up to my promise, you can address this with my team until the end of the first coach session and you will be reimbursed for your investment (except for a non-refundable fee of €150 excl. TAX) .

Thus, there is no RISK involved to register.

 Yes, I want that Boost!

Right now you can pay €2300 per couple at once (most benefit) or €580 per couple in 4 terms (excl. TAX). Just indicate your preference of payment in your registration form.

This is a temporary, special pioneer rate.

A worthwhile investment when you consider you reap the benefits your whole life of the experiences and the knowledge you gain in this program.  On yourself, on each other, on raising your children and on maintaining your relationship as partners. Plus you can pass on these tools to your children, every day. Who in turn will benefit their whole life from your example as parents. To remain close to yourself, to genuinely connect with others and to remain connected to them as children.

In return you will receive

  • your personal EFFECTIVE met Peper information folder
  • access to the online ‘EFFECTIVE met Peper’ group
  • your personal, official Strengthscope ‘talents’ profile
  • 1- on -1 explanation and coaching from Linda on your personal profile
  • practical exercises, including divers training materials
  • E-learning training material
  • clear summaries discussed theory
  • recent articles from the (international) effective communication community
  • personal online feedback from Linda on your personal progress rapportages
  • A free ticket each, to one of the 3-day Masterclasses ‘effective communication’
  • Intervision with your fellow participants in that training
  • 20% discount on 1 of the ‘met Peper graag’ workshops


Moreover, this program now comes with a very attractive bonus.

1 hour 1-on-4 coaching of you as a couple with your coach and a trainings-actor (value €700). With which you can address those persistent patterns in your relationship. In this session you get to experience situations from the position of the other or as an observant, which offers incredible insight and liberating equivocation.

On this service the Terms and conditions of met Peper graag apply.

What will you learn?

Module 1 Authenticity


  • What are your talents, pitfalls and energy drainers
  • What do you find important?
  • What ambitions do you have?


  • Where do you overlap?
  • What are the major differences?
  • What do you find important as a couple?
  • What goes well?
  • What pitfalls are persistent?

Module 2 Attention & ownership



  • Role-playing game, experience situations from different view point
  • Express boundaries
  • Bring needs to the table
  • Dealing with conflict between you as a couple
  • Dealing with conflict in the family
  • Break patterns

Module 3 Movement and gaining perspective


  • Your own learning curve
  • your short term plan


  • your learning curve as a couple
  • how you keep at it, keep perspective and persist
  • making agreements and evaluate
  • long term vision
  • 6 months planning

“The base of the Boost program is build upon respect for each others opinions and needs.”

“Learned so much! That you achieve much more when you address behaviour without judgement. And that you-messages are always lousy (…) even without bad intentions. And that effective listening is very pleasant when listened to. And that effective listening is so much better than to attempt to solve the problem (…).”


“Linda really did it. I love that she was able to teach me that much (…) She really takes the time to allow for everyone to have their moment. I have a lot of respect for her as a trainer.”


“You gain valuable insight into your own ways of communicating and you receive practical tools.”


“Tangibly and realistic. I now use the I-message for almost everything.”


SONY DSCLinda is an experienced coach, certified trainer in Gordon communication and Rock and Water. She has supported many parents. In finding and taking their path in life and in improving and maintaining their relation with their partners and children. And by providing them with insight in their talents and energy boosters. Linda is an entrepreneur sinds 2012. She lives together with her Frenchman and their 2 kids. Read more

Practical information

  • Time: 4 months
  • With live coaching, training and E-learning
  • 1-op-2 coaching (as a couple): 4 hrs
  • Individual 1-op-1 coaching: 2 x 3 hrs
  • incl. 2 x 1 ticket to a Master class ‘effective communication’ of choice: 24 hrs
  • Location live meetings: Amsterdam or Hoofddorp

The training and coaching are held in pleasant locations, with plenty of coffee and tea available. When relevant, a tasty lunch is provided.


By paying attention to each others talents and energy drainers, you gain insight into the needs and ambitions of your partner. By mastering specific communication skills you can create space for each other and you can make it possible to bring difficult topics to the table. With the ability to ‘actively listen’ you can quickly get to the core of problems. Through this, arguments and misunderstandings can be prevented. In case of a conflict are able to search for a solution together, that is satisfying for all parties. With the children and between each other.

This is possible because you are now aware of your own personal needs and desires. You are able to effectively express these and act upon them, without harming your relationship with others. “Only when your own cup is half full, you can add to others”. 

Yes, I want to invest in my relationship!


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