Pure entrepreneurship

You are an entrepreneur. In a foreign country. You might work for your former employee or for two, three relations from that network. Maybe you started a franchise. From your own vision and the guidelines of the headoffice. Or you are a freelance octopus. With a great variety in skills that you tailor each time to your customer’s needs. All challenging situations that come with a comfortable financial security.

 And yet, true independence calls

Because by choosing entrepreneurship, you decided to change. To finally be able to be yourself and to do what you REALLY love to do. In reality your life did change somewhat, but not in the way you pictured it. You earn OK money now. Doing what you kinda love. And anyway, you actually have no idea where to start now to make this change:

  • I have no time for that
  • I don’t know enough what I stand for (personally and professionally)
  • how am I different from the others?
  • what problem do I solve?
  • I don’t know who I would work for
  • and how to communicate this effectively to clients
  • without having this feeling that I am ‘selling’ myself out

Good news!

That’s why I developed the program Pure entrepreneurship. In 4 months we will help you to find your unique, professional voice and teach you how to make use of it. To be able to share this authenticity with your relations in your personal conversations and in your written texts. And how you can utilise it to reach those professional goals you long for.

In these 4 months we will work on

  • what road did you travel, where are you now?
  • what are your talents, how do you make use of them
  • what is important to you, personally and professionally
  • what pitfalls do you encounter and what drains your energy?
  • ownership and self confidence
  • the power of your own communication
  • the influence of emotions and thoughts on your results
  • how you actively listen to your own needs and those of your customer
  • how you use this authenticity in your written communication
  • how to create authentic conversations
  • build your relationships from mutual trust and respect

“Authentic professional communication, the liberating alternative to the ‘sales’ approach.”


“I owe a lot to the course I did with Linda. Not only did it give me direction on a new step in my professional life, it also provided me with valuable insights about myself that help me to trust who I am as a person and in what I do.”


“Linda is grounded, listens actively and creates a safe environment in which you can be yourself. With help from the exercises you quickly progress and you get the time to let these insights sink in. Linda works from the core of things and is able to put her finger on the problem by asking the right questions. Through this she is able to shine new light on things that you yourself have been wrestling with for quite some time.”


Practical information

  • 3 months, 40 hours
  • 2 hours live 1-on-1 coaching
  • 3 hours online 1-1 coaching (every 2 weeks)
  • 12 hours live group events
  • 20 hours E-learning and online coaching
  • 3 hours (online) intervision

My guarantee

When you enter the program, you are 100% open to learn, to be present, to listen and concentrate, to participate in the exercises and to take steps. If you find the program does not live up to my promise, you can address this with my team until the end of the first coach session and you will be reimbursement for your investment (except for a non-refundable fee of €150 excl. TAX).

Thus, there is no RISK involved to register.

Yes, I want to sign up!

At the moment this program costs €495.
This is a temporary early bird tariff!

You can transfer €495 at once (most benefit) or in 2 terms of €252,50 (excl. TAX). Just indicate your preference of payment on the registration form.

In return you will receive

  • your personal EFFECTIVE- met Peper workbook
  • including your personal EFFECTIVE- met Peper folder
  • access to the closed EFFECTIVE- met Peper group
  • personal coaching on your strengths and talents
  • 1-on-1 (online) coaching sessions
  • practical exercises and (online) course material
  • clear summaries of the discussed theory
  • unlimited online feedback during the entire program
  • 2x 1 ticket to ‘effective communication’ workshops of choice
  • 1x podium as speaker at the Pitch2GROW
  • 1x free official Strengthsccope talent test, including feedback
  • 1x free intervision session with other P2G pitchers
  • 15% discount on 1 of the other met Peper graag services or products


Moreover, this event now comes with an attractive bonus.

Personal online editorial feedback from Linda herself on 2 website pages of your choice (value €500) This enables you to directly implement the techniques here and discuss hesitations and obstacles in the execution directly with Linda. Half way through the program we will together determine which pages this will be and when they are to be send to Linda.

On this product the Terms and Conditions of met Peper graag apply.

What will you learn?

module 1 (self insight)

  • on your talents and energy drainers
  • how to keep your energy level up professionally
  • your professional needs and values
  • the translation of these in your service/product
  • the power of a genuine, personal story

Module 2 (connection)

  • on the needs of your environment/ clients
  • the influence of emotions on professional communication
  • how you engage new relations from authenticity
  • how you improve existing relationships from authenticity
  • how you effectively explain your services and products

Module 3 (Tell the story)

  • mapping your own story
  • how to utilise your vulnerability as a strength
  • how to share parts of it with your relations
  • how to share your story with an audience
  • receive feedback from strangers on your story
  • how to transfer your story into a catchy text

“Effective communication means respect for each others opinions and needs.”

SONY DSCLinda is an experienced and certified trainer en coach of entrepreneurs and educators. She has already supported many entrepreneurs in finding their own path and to walk it to fulfil their dreams. By consciously and effectively communicating with their relationships. Linda is an entrepreneur herself since 2012. She lives together with her Frenchman and their 2 kids. Read more

More information on effective communication.
More on the GORDON method .

Practical information

  • 3 months, 40 hours
  • 2 hours live 1-on-1 coaching
  • 3 hours online 1-1 coaching (every 2 weeks)
  • 12 hours live group events
  • 20 hours E-learning and online coaching
  • 3 hours (online) intervision

The training and coaching will be given at a pleasant location in Hoofddorp or Amsterdam. With plenty of coffee and tea available and when relevant, a tasty lunch. 


It’s great to see that when you know what you want and what you stand for, you also make it possible for your relations to personally stand behind you and your service or product. The results you subsequently reach by mouth to mouth advertisement, ambassadorship and team spirit are limitless. Incredible and durable factors for lasting success.

Yes, I want to register

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