Professionally effective? Yes you can.

Nothing is wrong. Not really. At least not something specific you can pin point. It’s more a feeling that keeps popping up. When you are swamped at work, in conversation with that difficult colleague/customer or when yet another appointment is cancelled at the last minute. When that fight with your partner escalates or when you give it your all, and you receive so little in return. In appreciation and in result.

Where does it come from? That feeling that:

  • nobody notices you have too much on your plate
  • they disgard your efforts, don’t take you seriously
  • they brush of your objections and remarks
  • you feel like they don’t listen
  • they don’t get what you mean
  • or do what you asked them to do

You feel annoyed, under appreciated and tired. You have a short fuse, you are snappy with your loved ones and you just keep running. Simply because you have no idea how to break the pattern.
You wonder:

“Do I have to tackle this? It is not that big a deal. It’s just a phase.
A reoccurring one, admittedly”

And that’s not considering ‘working together’. With that colleague, who has completely different ideas about the same topic. Who speaks a different language, even when you both speak English. Or with your manager, your team and your clients. Relations in which you feel like you are not making any progress. Where obstacles and misunderstandings keep occurring. Where you just don’t understand each other. And because of that, never reach that desired result.

Good news! There IS a liberating alternative.

The key to ‘professional effectivity’ is personal communication. Because HOW you say things, WHAT you say, WHEN and to WHOM, creates and prevents conflict. By becoming aware of that and your personal viewpoint in it, you can learn to master the communication techniques and directly improve and build better relations. Based on respect and trust and taking into account the needs of all parties involved. Across cultures and across languages.

This you will all learn in the 3-day Masterclass ‘Professionally effective’.

During these days, fraught with information and practical exercises, we work on:

  • the power of your own communication
  • your needs vs those of others
  • the influence of power and judgement
  • the influence of emotions and feelings
  • the pro’s and con’s of rewards and reprimands
  • actively listen to others
  • Bringing problems to the table
  • responsibility and building your confidence
  • how to influence conversations
  • dealing with conflicts and emotions of others
  • prevent conflict and deal with emotions of others

“Effective communication, at work and at home, offers a liberating alternative”.

Experiences of clients

“Very concrete and realistic, with which you can empower yourself and your environment”. Lee-Anne

“Personal approach. Your personal situation is taken into account during the training. With respect for your own identity”. Michelle

“Because Linda shows her own vulnerability, by using personal anekdotes, humour and perspective, it felt safe enough for me to do the same.” Amber

Practical information

  • 3 days, 24 hours
  • 09.00-17.30 1x on thursday, 2x on friday
  • Inclusive lunch, coffee and tea
  • Hoofddorp & Amsterdam

My guarantee

When you join, you are 100% open to learn, to be present, to listen and concentrate, to make notes and to take steps. If you find I do not live up to my promise, you can address this with my team until the end of the first day and you will be reimbursement for your investment (except for a non-refundable fee of €75 excl. TAX) .

Thus, there is no RISK involved to register.

Cancellation policy

If it turns out you are unable to attend the workshop ‘Professionally effective, yes you can’ after your payment has been completed, you will receive:

  • a voucher for the next workshop
  • or a voucher for another product
  • without expiry date for both options
  • or you can give your ticket to a friend/colleague so that he/she can attend it

 Yes, I want to sign up!

At this moment the event costs €350.
You can pay this in one term (most benefit) or in 3 terms of €127,50 (excl. TAX).
Just indicate your preference of payment in the sign up form.

How great is it to no longer get ahead of yourself. To be able to motivate others, without draining your own energy. And to reach that result you aimed for, swiftly and focused. By allowing yourself these 3 days you fill your backpack with powerful, practical tools that you can fall back on for the rest of your life. At home and at work. On every organisational level and in every phase of your career.

You will receive in return

  • your personal EFFECTIVE- met Peper workbook
  • inclusive your personal EFFECTIVE- met Peper folder
  • access to the online EFFECTIVE- met Peper group
  • many practical exercises and training material
  • clear summaries of the discussed theory
  • recent articles from the (international) GORDON community
  • personal online feedback from Linda on your personal progress reports
  • Intermission with your fellow participants
  • 15% discount on 1 of the other met Peper graag products


Moreover, this event now comes with a very attractive bonus.

2x 30 minutes personal coaching from Linda (value €120). During this phone call you can ask all your questions and address personal situations. Including this specific subject that is particularly important to you. Which allows Linda to align the content of the event to it.

Two weeks after your registration you will receive an e-mail to plan the first session with Linda.

On this product the ‘met Peper graag’Terms and conditions apply.

What will you learn?

Day 1

  • What is communication?
  • the basics of the GORDON model
  • and of the humanistic psychology
  • and of the positivism
  • where you line of acceptance lies
  • where the problem belongs
  • how to communicate clearly
  • to stay in your energy
  • the power of I-messages

Day 2

  • On your own needs
  • And the needs of your environment
  • how do I effectively express by limits?
  • how do you get to the core of a conflict?
  • how do you effective deal with emotions and resistance?
  • you self image and the influences on it
  • Anger: what is it, where does it come from?
  • how can you deal with anger?
  • how do you become and remain assertive?
  • to keep the balance in diverse relations

Dag 3

  • 3 ways to react
  • Power and its influence
  • pro’s and con’s of rewards and reprimands
  • the 6 steps in mutual agreement
  • being open to solutions
  • what REALLY matters to you
  • and how you deal with that towards others?
  • how to step out of a situation
  • how to improve your relations
  • dealing wth conflict between others
  • advising your clients or colleagues, with result

“In the Gordon method respect for each others opinions and needs are central.”

Learned heaps!That you have much more effect when you (…) address behaviour without judging it. And that you-messages are always lousy and can form a person without you realizing it, or have the intention to. And that actively listening is much more satisfying when listened to. And that to listen actively is way better than trying to fix the problem.



I believen that linda found the right balance between sharing/educating on the knowledge and allowing the group (to find) their own answers. There is no overruling hierarchy and that is very pleasant! She also takes the time to give every one their moment. Linda really did it. I am stoked she was able to teach me this much (…) Ik have a lot of respect for her as a trainer.


Drama-teacher and trainingsactor

I found the 24 hours of live practice and feedback extremely useful. It does so much more then just reading the book and choosing the do-it-yourself-approach. Also the maaaany examples of my fellow participants (and Linda) were often very clarifying.


Animal management

“It is nice to take into account the needs and issues of the participants, instead of just working down the program. Linda is very flexible in that. It gives you the feeling you are in a tailor made training.


Projectmanager & Coach

Read more on Thomas Gordon and his method

SONY DSCLinda is an experienced and certified trainer and coach of  entrepreneurial professionals  and educators. Through this she has supported many professionals in taking their own path and realizing their dreams. By providing personal insight and teaching them how to consciously and effectively communicate with their professional and personal relations. Linda is an entrepreneur since 2012. She lives with her Frenchman and their two kids. Read more

Practical information

  • 3 days, 24 hours
  • 09.00-17.30
  • 1x on thursday, 2x on friday
  • Inclusive lunch and coffee and tea
  • Hoofddorp & Amsterdam

De training takes place at a pleasant location, with plenty of tea and coffee available and with a tasty lunch.


By learning to master specific communicational skills you are able to create space for your own needs and for those of your relations. You will consciously make choices in your reaction to others and are able to distinguish emotions from facts. By actively listening to yourself and others, you quickly get to the core of problems and hesitations. Through this you can avoid unnecessary delays and conflicts. And in case of a conflict you can together search for the solution that is satisfying for all parties involved.

Yes, I want to register!

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