On this page you can find the overview of the products I offer in order to help you make conscious choices:

  • on finding your work-life balance
  • in your communication with other people
  • on making your personal and professional relationships flourish
  • on making space for your personal motivation and talents

Which results in lots of freedom and energy. That in turn enables you to realize your desires and your dreams: for yourself, your company and your family. “This sense of balance and direction in life, I wish for everyone”.

My products are specifically designed for educators, parents and entrepreneurs. This because running your own business as well as educating your children has an influence on all aspects of your life. “It’s a tough job”. Is what I hear, I see and I read about, every day. And it is my own experience as a mom of 2 and as entrepreneur.

In case you could use some support in deciding which service of product is most suitable for you, I am happy to help. Just fill in the form for a free consultation. And I will help you clarify what suits your specific situation best. This intake is free of charge, and without any further obligations.

Contact me via 06-19951753 or send an email to Do mention your phone number and possibly your website in this email, please!