A lot of people have a great idea for a concept. Publicly sharing this idea and the choices you make however, turns out to be bloody difficult. “Because why do you do what you do? And why you and not someone else?” Often entrepreneurs share there story within their own network. It works as a safety net and the people already know you and about you.

“Often strangers will be the one giving you the best advice. Objectively and from their own, unique perspective”.

That’s why Pitch2GROW

The small scale platform that helps to realize dreams. The moment for brave entrepreneurs to share their story and brainstorm about the specific questions that keep them.

together with you

The insight and often practical solutions that the audience offers help the initiators to take steps, right now. “That amazing feeling to be of value to someone else? We wish that for everyone.”

“The great thing is you are this, purely by being you. And thinking along with another person from your personal point of view.”.

Experiences from the audience

“Remarkable concept. Glad I came.” Luc (manager R&D)
“Refreshing. I will definitely be back.” Manja (carpenter)
“Thought it supercool. have a new hobby!” Baukje (Medical Nucleair worker)
“Thanks for your evening (…). Educational.” Alex (Career advisor)

Yes, I am there as audience! 

Entry is free
Coffee and tea are available. Thus, there is NO RISK to register.
Except for the danger of going to sleep inspired.

Practical information

So far we pitched at a central location in Hoofddorp.
Just of the A4 – close to Hoofddorp station (20 min. by train fro Amsterdam central – 20 min. with Zuidtangent from Haarlem station).

The next Pitch2GROW will be held in Amsterdam. The location for that event will follow.


Hoofddorp location
Stichting de JVG
Beemsterstraat 4
Map of the location


The last Pitch2GROW was held on Tuesday the 4th of october 2016.
The next event will take place in february 2017. Date and location will follow.
These sessions are in Dutch.

As you read this we are working on an English version of Pitch2GROW.
Of which the first one will be held in Hoofddorp. Date will follow.

Yes, I want to take the stage!

Register here to share your story.
We will contact you with the options and costs. After which you can decide on your growth.

During the event

  • Coffee and tea are available
  • Snacks will be provided by a start up caterer
  • Other drinks are available at the bar (± € 1.50)
  • The official program lasts till 21.30 uur
  • followed by an optional friendly after-match at the bar

What do you, the audience, receive in return?

  • You experience the power of sharing your story
  • You discover how valuable your feedback is to someone else
  • A great feeling. You are helping dreams come true
  • Inspiration, by thinking in options and solutions
  • New, interesting contacts that you make during the evening
  • Relaxation. To step out of your own daily routine for a moment.
  • And insight into your own qualities, purely by the experience
  • Motivation, to work on that idea of your own that you have

The Pitch2GROW coach team

Exists out of three certified and experienced coaches, each with their own expertise. Paulien is our mediation expert, Esther de StrengthScope©  specialist and Linda the expert on Gordon®communication and Rock and Water. With this dream team we offer our pitchers a personal, intense moment of growth with the risk of a life-changing impact.

Esther Akpomukai


Talent energycoach & trainer

At Light up your Talent

Esther is energy. She will follow and challenge you with love. She does that with her clients and with us as partners.

Partner in Pitch2GROW, StrengthScope training/coaching

Paulien Defoer


Mediator and Coach

At Paulien Defoer mediation & coaching

Has the natural ability to grab the core of an issue quickly. Her strength is listening and give back what she sees and hears.

Partner in Pitch2GROW, Coaching ondernemers

Linda Peperkoorn

trainer & coach

At met Peper graag

With genuine attention, to the point questions and warm humor Linda offers insight and titillates to ignite action.

Read more on Linda as a trainer


Yes, I want to be there!

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Yes, I want to take the stage!

The Pitch2GROW brings change. That is for sure.

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