Parent & child communication

“My children? I love them to the moon and back. I am so blessed to be a parent. Everybody is nuts about each other. Well, most of the time. Sometimes, we actually drive each other nuts”.

Who doesn’t recognise this? Those moments where you find your family:

  • incredibly annoying
  • unreachable or glued to you
  • too loud or too quiet
  • disinterested or overwhelmingly present

That situation in which your irritation is visible. Or theirs. And you can’t pinpoint what causes it. Or how to overcome it.

“Do you leave it? Or address it? Do you get angry over it?”

It’s not easy. Raising children. Especially since your child does not enter the world holding its manual. And there is no ‘parent’ degree you can pass, on what to expect with your child.

And still we manage. With love and crossed fingers. Using our own parents tactics. Or the exact opposite. We read books, aim to act pedagogically. And hurrah, sometimes we succeed. Often we do not.

Not to mention the raising of our children TOGETHER. with your partner, who might have a completely different view on the matter. Or with grandparents. To be able to act as you believe is right, without feeling insecure or embarrassed because of the outside world’s opinions. Each on its own frustrating energy drainers of parenthood.

Good news! There IS another way.

The key to a ‘happy family’ is personal communication. Because HOW you say things, WHAT you say, WHEN and to WHOM can cause and prevent conflict. By becoming aware of this and receiving the tools to improve your communication with the people around you, you can instantly build on a better relationship with your child(ren). One that is based on respect and trust. Tailor made by you, to suit your own family best.

This is exactly what you will learn in the 3-day Masterclass ‘parent & child communication.’

During these days, filled with information and exercises, we will work on:

  • the power of your own communication
  • your needs vs the other’s needs
  • the influence of power and judgment
  • the influence of emotions and feelings
  • the pro’s and con’s of rewarding and punishment
  • active listening to children
  • addressing problems with your child
  • responsibility and self-confidence
  • how to influence conversations
  • dealing with conflict and tantrums
  • how to prevent conflict and tantrums
  • how to build your relationship with your child(ren)

“Communicating with children ‘Gordon-style’ provides a liberating alternative”.

Experiences of other parents

“You gain clear insight into your own way of communicating and you receive practical tools. There is a lot of room to share, so you can learn from each other.”


“Learned sooo much! In particular to really listen and see my children. The training is hands-on and realistic. It enables you to empower your family and environment.”


“Educational, innovative. Confronting at times, which also makes it motivational.”


“A lot of eye-openers in a very short amount of time!”


Practical information

  • 3 days, 24 hrs
  • 09.00-17.30
  • Lunch, coffee and tea included
  • Hoofddorp & Amsterdam

My guarantee

When you join, you are 100% open to learn, to be present, to listen and concentrate, to make notes and to take steps. If you find I do not live up to my promise, you can address this with my team until the end of the first day and you will be reimbursement for your investment (except for a non-refundable fee of €75 excl. TAX) .

Thus, there is no RISK involved to register.

Cancellation policy

If it turns out you are unable to attend the workshop ‘Thank god, annoying children’ after your payment has been completed, you will receive:

  • a voucher for the next workshop
  • or a voucher for another product
  • without expiry date for both options
  • or you can give your ticket to a friend/colleague so that he/she can attend it

 Yes, I want to sign up!

At the moment the price for the Master class is €275.
You can choose to transfer €275 (most benefit) or in 3 instalments of €98 (excl. TAX).

By awarding yourself these 3 days you fill your personal back pack with practical tools and valuable knowledge that you can utilise at any moment in the rest of your life. A worthwhile investment when you CAN reach your son, when your daughter stops whining and you can address things with your partner without ending up in an argument.  Skills you can use at every life-phase, with your children and partner.

You’ll receive in return

  • your personal ‘EFFECTIVE- met Peper’ workbook
  • including your personal folder
  • access to the online EFFECTIVE- met Peper group
  • many practical exercises and a diversity of course material
  • clear summaries of the discussed theory
  • recent articles form the (international) GORDON community
  • personal online feedback from Linda on your personal progress reports
  • Inter-vision with your fellow participants
  • 15% discount on 1 of the other met Peper graag products/services
  • A personal certificate after full completion of the training


Moreover, this event now comes with a very attractive bonus.

2x 30 minutes personal coaching from Linda (value €120). During this phone call you can ask all your questions and address personal situations. Including this specific subject that is particularly important to you. Which allows Linda to align the content of the event to it.

Two weeks after your registration you will receive an e-mail to plan the first session with Linda.

On this product the ‘met Peper graag’Terms and conditions apply.

What will you learn?

Day 1

  • what is communication?
  • the GORDON model
  • basics of humanistic psychology
  • basics of positive psychology
  • what is raising children, really?
  • about being consistent
  • where the ‘problem’ lies
  • to communicate clearly
  • how to remain in your energy
  • the power of HOW you say something
  • how to remain calm in situations of conflict/stress

Day 2

  • what are your own needs?
  • what are the needs of your environment?
  • where are your boundaries?
  • how do you express these effectively?
  • how do you reach the core of a conflict?
  • how do you effectively deal with emotions and resistance?
  • your self image and the influences on it
  • anger: what is it & what causes it?
  • how to deal with anger?
  • how do you become and remain an assertive parent?
  • keeping the balance between your children

Day 3

  • 3 ways to react to your children
  • power and its influence
  • the pro’s and con’s of rewarding and punishment
  • 6 steps to reach a mutual decision
  • how to be open to alternative solutions
  • what GENUINELY matters to you
  • and how do you deal with this towards others?
  • how do you keep building your relationship
  • how do you successfully deal with fights amongst siblings
  • how to advise your children and reach result

“The Gordon method is centred on respect for each others opinions and needs.”

Learned so much! That you get so much more result when you address the behaviour of your children, without labelling it. That you-messages are just lousy and that they can shape a person without you even realising it,(…) And that active listening is so much better than just come up with all these solutions, that your child never asked for in the first place.


Huisarts & mother of 2

I was sceptical in the beginning, but rapidly lost this apprehension when I started to read, when I saw the psychological foundation, in relation to the excercises and the atmosphere in the group. Linda really did it. I am over the moon that she was able to give me that much. (…) I have a lot of respect for Linda as a trainer.


Drama-teacher and trainingsactor, mother of 2

I Found the 24 hours of excercises and feedback very useful. It offers so much more than to merely read the book and try it out yourself. Also the many examples of my fellow participants (and Linda) clarified a lot.


Fulltime-mother of 2

The sharing of our experiences was very educational to me personally. And I really appreciated the explicit reference to the method in relation to younger kids/baby’s. Thank you for this fantastic training!


Marketing employee and mother

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Thomas Gordon and the method
More on his vision on the relationship between parents and children

SONY DSCLinda is an experienced coach and certified trainer in Gordon communication and the rock and water method. She has supported many educators. By making them aware of their own needs and choices, and those of others. And by teaching them to communicatie effectively within their own family. Linda is an entrepreneur since 2012. She lives together with her Frenchman and their 2 kids: an imaginative, Spiderman and princess Sofia loving sporty girl and an active, story telling and ever-exploring boy. Read more

Practical information

  • 3 days, 24 hrs
  • 09.00-17.30
  • Lunch, coffee and tea included
  • Hoofddorp & Amsterdam

The training will be held at a pleasant location with plenty of tea and coffee available, including a tasty lunch.


With the specific communication skills you gain in this Master class you are able to create space for your own needs and those of your children. In addition, you learn how to successfully pass your norms and values on to your children. And you learn to utilise active listening to get to the core of your family issues. Which will enable you to prevent escalations and to, in case of a conflict, look for a mutual solution that is satisfying to all involved.

Yes, I want to register

Transfer €275 at once (most benefit) or in 3 instalments of €98 (excl. TAX).

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