My background

My love for people and cultures goes back a long way. My father travelled the world as an entrepreneur, my parents spoke four languages at home. I loved every sound and every story.

At twenty-five, I was a hotel manager in Amsterdam. A 24-7 business with acute and bizarre situations, which I ran with an international team. A place to learn about cultures if ever there was one. This phase taught me that taking the decision is the most important step. You can learn from mistakes.

In between I travelled often, over longer periods of time. Tasting cultures by living and working in local communities. From artist to beekeeper from lobster-catcher to floor manager, I did it all. A creative time, full of adventure and freedom.

My quest

Finishing my research for my master in Australia, it was time to return to the Netherlands. I arrived, without a job. Uncertain and confused. I’d seen and done so many things, “but what do I want?” Thanks to the warm guidance of my personal coach Anke Verhoeven, I took on a new journey. Without boarding a plane. Soon I discovered what I wanted to become: myself.

Still today I am grateful for Anke. A wonderful person and patient mentor. I  had a long way ahead of me, but I was ready. Until I became a mum. All I knew about myself and life, was back up in the air. I decided to retake the journey. Then I started my own business. And I was on that road again.

And now? Now I am Linda. As a guide for people on that same journey to find themselves and their path in life. At home, with my Frenchman and two beautiful kids: a merciless mirror and a warm nest, in which cross-cultural thinking comes natural. And in my international network full of hybride relationships and sound friendships. Which through the stories, contacts and projects that we share, still allows me to grow everyday.  “How awesome is that.”

A peppered vision

Perspective and playfulness: two universal qualities that create space. That add spice to learning, like sincerity and humour do. We naturally make use of these as children. As adults we tend to forget their value in creating long-term changes. Until you have a personal goal you aim for that requires you to step up. That’s where met Peper graag comes in; the international platform for you to, via knowledge, experience, sharing and contacts, become yourself and reach that goal.

Care-givers, educators & entrepreneurs

Roles that can greatly challenge your personal balance and your relations with others. And that are frequently the result of a conscious choice or a burning desire. Functions which you always take on unprepared, regardless of your education. Because now it is all about the real you, in relation to the other.

At ‘met Peper graag’ we support you to discover and create space for your personal needs and talents and those of others. Unique characteristics that define us and that are often hidden under a heavy burden of responsibilities or insecurity. Taking these steps provides you with personal freedom and lasting energy. Which in its turn enables that change and desired result. “That life-time experience, I wish for everyone.”

My dream

“Supporting others to discover who they are and provide tools to from this authenticity build durable and sound relationships.”

My strengths
• offer insightsnzicht geven
• offer space to complicated/ difficult
• build confidence
• connect people & teach how to
• Working/living together (inter-culturally)

Training & Coaching experience (> 15 yrs)
• Developed >20 unique trainings for international youngsters, volunteers, professionals, MT and entrepreneurs.


• MSc (International) Communication Sciences
• Development psychology (course)

• Alites: qualifications career advisor
• Findhorn: transformation game
• Divers leadership trainings
• Strengthscope® practitioner

• CLCP/SALT- member
• Rots en Water® trainer
• Non violent communication trainer
• Gordon®communication trainer

Certified in


Branche experience

  • Hospitality
  • Hotel industry
  • development- and productioncompanies
  • Non-profit
  • Financial services
  • Consultancy

In the area of

  • management & advise
  • education & recruitment
  • marketing & communication
  • sales & promotions
  • facilitair management
  • client services

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