Ton –

"Linda helped me tremendously to find my own direction. She listens and gives concrete, valuable feedback. Talk to her and you know what I mean ;-)"

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Linda made a very valuable contribution to recruiting and selecting new consultants. She breathed new life into the onboarding process – where these consultants were given 6 months of intensive coaching. Where certain aspects weren’t working so well, Linda had a closer look at them and discussed this with us as coaches, so that we could together come up with the right activities, communication and documents. In addition, she strengthened our professional training courses in the job familiarisation process by sharing her knowledge of communication and coaching techniques. Linda is a spontaneous, enthusiastic and intelligent woman who is a good judge of character and has strong analytic qualities. She is loyal and responsible, with an unfailingly positive attitude to her work, her colleagues and her clients


My experience of Linda is that she is a professional and reliable colleague, whose warm personality, enthusiasm and humour meant that she was a very pleasant colleague to work with. Her training sessions are specific and have a clear purpose. As a consultant, Linda is very approachable and she judges things from several angles. On the basis of her expertise and perseverance, she succeeded in permanently moving a few mountains within our organisation

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I owe a lot to the career guidance process that I experienced with Linda. Not only did it give direction to a new step in my professional life, but it also taught me insights about myself that helped me to be confident in who I am and what I do. Linda is really versatile. She’s patient, decisive and she has a great sense of humour that puts things into perspective. One really special thing is: she creates space to let you dream. My sessions with Linda were full of warmth and mutual trust, sometimes confronting, but always educational. I think a lot of people would benefit from career guidance counselling with Met Peper Graag: to discover what your real passion is, what your qualities are, how you can avoid your pitfalls or to discover that your current work is actually much more fun than you thought.


My contract and stable working life finished just after my pregnancy leave. I decided to use this time to rethink what I really wanted to do and also what my professional life taught me. Linda’s help and support as a friend to re-define my priorities, strong points and also to reboot my self-esteem at times, was very welcome. Quite quickly I went to see a career advisor on her advice (we decided not to mix too much our friendship). It was one of the best advices I got at that strange time of my life. After this step I decided to start as a Freelancer. My hunt for projects started! My work research became more efficient, more focused. Linda has been a really good help in checking my CV and letter (in whatever the language, Dutch or English). Not only that, she is an excellent writer (I call that her magic trick) she is a true career advisor and has experience in HR. This makes her remarks and comments always extremely relevant. Which helps not only your application but also yourself! Sometimes you are lost in your job hunting and you need someone on your side to help you see it through. Linda is someone that can support you, ask you the right questions for some self-reflection moments and thanks to her sense of humour you are never down after talking to her, even when this is not the best period of your life!


A couple of years ago, when I was at a point in my career wondering what to do next, I reached out to Linda to do some coaching sessions. It was a first for me, and I am really glad I did it! Working with Linda opened up a lot of unknown opportunities. Thanks to her I really found out what was important to me in my professional life, what was I really good at, where should I focus to improve and develop in the right direction? I would highly recommend Linda as a coach. She is passionate about coaching and really good at it. She is very perceptive and methodical at the same time, which allows her to adapt her sessions to your needs and pace. She is determinate to give you the tools and best practices to help you find what you are looking for in your professional career. Finally, she is trustworthy and easy to talk to.



I met Linda when she became a volunteer for the Join!forkids Foundation. Linda has proven to be a tremendous asset to the foundation. She is a talented professional who has demonstrated her qualities in various functions. She started as MarCom assistant, then became a project coach, the manager’s sparring partner and is now a HR Manager and Job coach. Because she has so many different sides, she approaches issues and people from various angles with surprising results. Linda is a vibrant, dynamic woman who knows what she wants and where her talents lie. This is also the reason that colleagues feel at ease in her presence and become open to their own development. Linda is straightforward, authentic and confronting. She inspires you to reflect and think. Linda’s qualities have really helped the foundation and myself forward. Thanks Linda!


I found working with her very pleasant, because Linda, among other things: - thinks in a process-oriented way; - is able to express this clearly in procedures; - has strong communication skills; - translates improvements into specific recommendations and also implements these; - is able to switch to all levels (from the workplace to the board room); - can help out with formulating policy; - monitors progress well; - has a pleasant character and a vibrant personality (…)


Linda recently coached me throughout the entire process of finding my future career. Her personal approach ensured that I had a tailor-made step-by-step action plan. She gave me a lot of space during the conversations and confronted me in a very pleasant way with issues that weren’t as clear to me as they were to Linda. Linda is also a great listener and very patient. This means there is a good atmosphere that invites you to look in an open and honest way at the origins of certain behaviours and reactions. In addition to causes, Linda provides specific tools and assignments that ensure that you become clear about the unique powers that you have and make it possible to use them. I really can’t say other than that I highly recommend the coaching that this lady provides. It inspires you in the quest for your own self-development and makes it a fun process.


I got to know Linda as a warm person, who takes a real interest in people. She hired a number of colleagues for QSN, and always made sure there was a good ‘match’. It was a great pleasure and a very educational experience to work with her. She was a valuable sparring partner for me as a coach. She succeeded in laying a good foundation for our onboarding process, which we have further developed by creating efficient reports and by developing and giving training courses to new colleagues. Our cooperation with Linda was pleasant and enriching. She was able to match her communications knowledge and techniques perfectly with professional knowledge and experience, primarily by listening well and by asking questions where necessary. Her person-oriented coaching style has allowed us to give structural shape to the development of the consultants

Rick –

"Linda is smart, full of humour and straight forward. She is frank and quickly able to put her finger on the 'sore' spot! I appreciated her most for her no nonsense attitude and her honesty."