You search for, I find top quality

Below you will find an overview of a variety of professionals whom I believe in and who’s services or products I support.

Why this overview?


  • I believe in ‘passing on’ what is given to you
  •  I know how hard it is to, when you know nothing about it, find a reliable professional
  • I believe that quality and genuine attention make all the difference

Because of met Peper graag’s international network I meet a lot of people. Each with their own passion, specialism and experience. It really is a colourful collection, thus always check this overview first before you hit the general Google search.

Category: Creative

Website builder


Erik listens and translates your wishes in design and technique and builds a site that is dynamic and feels modern but that is simple and easy to maintain.

Graphic design


Monique thinks along with you and through her attention and patience creates the logo and house style that suits you.

Visual communication

Marjo: Op LinkedIn

Marjo is original en colourful and used to acting in larger projects.

Visual communication


Nanette thinks outside the box naturally and introduces concepts into the market in a unique way.


Sandra: Op Pinterest

Wit love and an eye for detail, Sandra creates the image with your message.



His love for people and their stories is clear in the catching pictures Daan makes.



A professional that is able to turn your wish in a catchy script, with surprising results.


Lee-Anne: Op LinkedIn

Easily moves with the trainer and gives back to participants in a clear and respectful manner.

Category: Entrepreneurship

Bookkeeper (Netherlands)

Rick van Veen:

Makes time for you. Thinks with you where you can save on costs and what possible subsidies you can make use of.


Dennis den Blanken:

Dennis considers the whole picture together with you; “where do you stand, what do you need, what security level do you desire?”

Categorie: Parents

Location Hoofddorp

Pelvis physiotherapy


Supports men and women in dealing with pelvis and pelvic complaints. Marieke is focused, respectful and solution oriented, with eye for your personal situation.

Outdoor sport


with her personal attention and effective work outs she helps women during and after their pregnancies to remain fit and energetic.

Yoga and Doula


Exceptional woman, with extensive knowledge on yoga and childbirth. Thanks to her breathing technique I lived through my quite full on 2nd labour unscathed and without painkillers.

Category: Children

Location Hoofddorp

Speech therapist


With her enthusiasm, vocal expertise and knowledge on mouth gestures Ellen supports children in building their confidence and their language proficiency.

Child physiotherapy


Skilful, committed and with respect for you and your child Arielle deals with infant predispositions and motorical problems.

Child Pelvis physiotherapy


With her specific exercises and approachable work style she helps children and their parents with toilet training issues.


With attention and respect Bas works with children on the ability to release tension and to improve the blood flow. For example. with metabolism difficulties or predisposition.

Categorie: Charge your battery


Widi: On LinkedIn (Hoofddorp, Breukelen)

With attention for your specific complaints she will set up a personal treatment plan to enable your energy to build and flow freely. Like after a delivery, accident or with migraines.



With attention, tranquility and professionalism Bas will treat your physical issues and work on your relaxation and blood flow.Like after an accident, with migraines or fatigue.

Belly dancing

Kaouthar: (Amsterdam)

Powerful and humorous lady, who by making you experience the belly dancing brings you in contact with your femininity and intuition. Surprising, liberating and fun!


Monique’s hairstudio

Experienced hairdresser with good view on style and with an eye for the right hair products. For clients and planet. Because she has her studio at home, you can go after office hrs.

Categorie: Technique

(Mobile) Bike repair man


First aid for bike problems. Chris comes to your rescue on the spot or at home, so much better than carrying around that bloody thing! Also for ‘bakfietsen’.