Esther Akpomukai


Talent energycoach & trainer

At Light up your Talent

Esther is energy.She will follow and challenge you with love. She does that with her clients and with us as partners.

Partners in: Pitch2GROW, StrengthScope training/coaching

Paulien Defoer


Mediator en Coach

At Paulien Defoer mediation & coaching

She has the natural ability to grab the core of an issue quickly. Her strength is listening and give back what she sees and hears.

Partner in: Pitch2GROW, Coaching entrepreneurs

Monique Pfeiffer


Grafic designer

At Buro Maup

Monique has the abilityto translate every personal story into a unique logo and matching house style for your professional identity.

Partner in: Coaching identity, (re)determine identity entrepreneurs

Jan Peperkoorn


Sales executive, entrepreneur & motivational speaker

At Core Business BV

With humour and professionalism Jan share powerful tools and knowledge to optimize your personal sales and relationship management.

Partner in: Teamtraining, coaching entrepreneurs

Nadya Bos


Pedagogic professional,facilitator, NLP practitioner, entrepreneur

At Moments4kids

Nadya develops and facilitates playful, educational and creative ‘out of the box’ events for children.

Partner in: Rock and water and Gordon communication training, Moments4kids organisation

Judith Willems


Personal Coach, entrepreneur

At Meet Me Coaching

Judith is a passionate coach with a richly filled backpack, who also facilitates trainings for management, teams and organisations.

Partner in: Team & managementtraining effective communication


The Constellation


SALT International

A universal, powerful technique to give voice to communities and empower them foto work together towards durable results.

The StrengthScope community


StrengthScope Nederland

Professionals with diverse expertise that believe in the strength of talents that energise us, and who are all qualified to officially work with the StrengthScope tools.

Moments4kids Network



The network of creative and educational teachers in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and the Haarlemmermeer. Each with their own expertise and original approach to education.

Rock and waterr


Gadaka Institute

HThe network of trainers in the special and highly efficient psycho fysical method on personal resilience and social competencies with children and adults.