In this 6 months program you will learn through our 5 steps method 

  • how to monitor your energy level at work and at home
  • to respectfully express your boundaries, without harming your relationships
  • how to ‘stand strong’ in conflict situations so you can work together towards the solution
  • how to walk your own path while maintaining genuine contact with others

We made a conscious choice to alternate physical and mental exercises. Simply because it makes learning more fun and because it has been scientifically proven to be a much more powerful learning process, with life changing effect.

OXYGEN is specifically aimed at those who just keep going and tend to sell themselves short. Who always put their clients, partner and/or children first. Even  at their own expense and that of their personal energy level. Until one day they are too tired, worn out, short fused and lost in their own wants for their life.

Time to create space for yourself AND others

Start by allowing yourself these 6 months to grow. Then open up to new tools and skills that are offered to you and put them into practice. In a safe environment and with personal support.

For the implementation of the 6 months program we have a divers team of instructors/trainers available within the ‘met Peper graag’ network. Each with their own expertise. The final composition of this team depends on the personal target of the participants.

In this 6 months training we alternate  1-on-1 interaction, groep activities, E-learning and individual moments. The variations in this program make it highly effective in gaining valuable insights, practical tools and breaking persistent patterns.

In these 6 months we will work on:

  • identifying your needs
  • accepting these needs
  • identification of your talents
  • your needs and talents in relation to others
  • the influence of power and manipulation
  • your posture, your breathing, your voice and your core
  • setting boundaries, saying ‘No’ at the right time
  • keeping up your energy level
  • the impact of your own communication
  • active listening and how to make genuine contact with others
  • intercultural communication at home and at work
  • dealing with emotions, feelings and resistance in contact with others
  • dealing with conflict and how to prevent it
  • staying in the moment and how ‘to stand strong’
  • how to build on your relationships, without loosing yourself in them

After these 6 months you have gained insight into what you want, what you need, how you communicate this to others and how you can channel this to reach your goals in life. You are recharged and loaded with knowledge and tools to structurally be ‘yourself’ in daily life. And how to maintain this authenticity and strength in relation to others.


“Your own personal situation is taken into account in the training. Also there are no black and white statements on what is right or wrong. (…) Everyone’s process is valued equally, knowing that you do not have to (can’t) be perfect.”


“Linda shows her own vulnerability. That made me feel secure enough to do the same.”

Activity coordinator

“Very specific and realistic!”

Drama teacher

Practical information

  • 6 months, total 100 hours
  • 1x 1 hour online start up session
  • 6x 30 minutes 1-on-1 online coaching session
  • 1x 2 hours live coaching session with Linda
  • 1x Masterclass event: 24 hrs
  • 2x workshop ( of which 1x Rock and water)
  • E-learning & online feedback
  • (online) intervision
  • live events: 09.30-17.30
  • at live events: coffee, tea & lunch included
  • Location live events: Amsterdam, Hoofddorp

My guarantee

When you enter this 6 months program, you are 100% open to learn, to be present, to listen and concentrate, to participate in the exercises and to take steps. If you find the program does not live up to my promise, you can address this with my team up until the end of the start up session and you will be reimbursed for your investment (except for a non-refundable fee of €150 excl. TAX) .

Thus, there is no RISK involved to register.

 Yes, I want OXYGEN!

We now have a pioneer offer for you!
You pay only €745
(instead of the normal rate: 1450)

You can transfer €745 at once (most benefit) or in 2 terms of €377,50 (excl. TAX). Just indicate your preference of payment on the registration form.

By allowing yourself these 6 months, you fill your backpack with insights on yourself, your life and the relations in it. With practical tools that you can apply at any chance or difficult moment in your life AND that of your family. Imagine you are able to express your boundaries effectively, without loosing yourself in emotions and obstructive thoughts. That you can see the chances offered to you, and jump at those that bring you where you want to be. And that you can offer your support to others, without taking on the load of their problems.

You receive in return

  • your personal EFFECTIVE-met Peper workbook
  • including your EFFECTIVE met Peper folder
  • several practical ‘GORDON’ exercises and training material
  • many practical ‘Rock and water’ exercises and training material
  • clear summaries of discussed theory
  • 1-on-1 coach sessions on topics that effect you personally
  • 2 x expert workshops on a specific topic
  • your personal StrengthScope profile, inclusive coaching
  • online feedback from Linda on your personal progress
  • intervision with your fellow participants
  • online preparation- and E-learning material
  • 15% discount on one of the other ‘met Peper graag’ services


Moreover, this program now comes with a very attractive bonus.

1 hr 1-on-2 coaching with your coach and a trainingsactor (value €700). During which you can tackle hard to break patterns or try out a new skill. Because you experience your own situations form another point of view, as the other or as observer, this offers powerful insights and perspective.

On this product the Terms and conditions of ‘met Peper graag’ apply.

What will you learn?

Step 1 Self insight

  • your talents and energy drainers
  • what your needs are
  • where your ambitions lye
  • how to stay in your energy
  • how to create space in your head
  • what your body tells you
  • how to you remain in contact with both
  • where the problem lies
  • what it means for you to be assertive

Step 2 Insight in others

  • what are the needs of your environment?
  • how do you effectively set boundaries?
  • Power and its influence
  • pro’s and con’s of rewards and reprimands
  • how do you keep up your level of energy?
  • how to effectively deal with cultural differences
  • the impact of emotions and resistance
  • the influence and the message of fear

Step 3 Making connection

  • 3 ways to react on others
  • exchanging values
  • our self image and the influences on it
  • how to stay assertive in contact with the outside world
  • how to deal with emotion and resistance
  • how to influence your conversations
  • how do you step out of a situation?
  • how to keep your strength in a difficult situation
  • 6 steps in communal negotiations

Step 4 Action!

  • how to make needs discussable
  • how to build your relations
  • how to let go, without dropping it
  • the act of active listening
  • vulnerability as a strength
  • your personal mission and vision
  • short term planning

Step 5 Structural change

  • your goals
  • what do you need?
  • long term planning
  • talents in place
  • the pro’s and con’s of obstacles

“OXYGEN centers around genuine attention and ownership”

Learned heaps! (…) That to actively listen is really valuable for the one who’s listened to. And that actively listening is much better then offering solutions that were never requested in the first place.

physician, mother of 2

I was sceptical in the beginning but I lost that quite quickly when I started reading and saw the psychological foundation, related to the exercises and the atmosphere in the group. Linda really did it. I love that she was able to offer me that much (…) I respect her a lot as a trainer.

Trainingsactor, mother of 2

I Found the excercises and feedback very useful. It offers so much more than to merely read a book and try it out yourself.

Former petshop manager, mother of 2

SONY DSCLinda is an experienced coach, certified trainer in Gordon communication and Rock and Water. She has supported many parents and entrepreneurs. In finding and taking their path in life and in improving and maintaining their relations. So that they can enjoy life AND live their dreams. Linda is an entrepreneur sinds 2012. She lives together with her Frenchman and their 2 kids. Read more

Practical information

  • 6 months, total 100 hours
  • 1x 1 hour online start up session
  • 6x 30 minutes 1-on-1 online coaching session
  • 1x 2 hours live coaching session with Linda
  • 1x Masterclass event: 24 hrs
  • 2x workshop ( of which 1x Rock and water)
  • E-learning & online feedback
  • (online) intervision
  • live events: 09.30-17.30

The live events are held at pleasant and central locations in Hoofddorp and Amsterdam. At these, plenty of coffee and tea is available and a tasty lunch is served.


By participating in this training you learn to recognize and respect your own boundaries. You can express and share who you are with others across cultures AND be open to who they are. You know what it is you need and are able to request this, without letting go of the responsibility over your own needs. Or harm your relationships in the process.

Yes, I want to register!

“This program will only be held once a year. And will start of in march 2017”.|
Questions about the program are most welcome. Contact us at: linda@metpepergraag.nl

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